Culture Victoria

Wangaratta Museum


The museum is operated by the Wangaratta Historical Society Inc. and is housed in the former Wangaratta Fire Station. The lower floor is divided into two display rooms and a research room, upstairs a storage area. Approximately 160 square metres of floor space. In addition there are a number of items on display in the cellar of the Vine Hotel at north Wangaratta.

Our Collection

Smaller items of historical significance; household, commercial, industrial, agricultural military etc, from the Wangaratta District (we do not have space for large items such as farm vehicles). 10,000 photographs from the local area both recent and historic. We also have a collection of glass plate negatives from a former photographer in Wangaratta numbering 3000-4000. Ultimately, every item in our collection will be catalogued and cross referenced, and every photograph scanned and stored on hard disk.

Organisation Location