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From the largest collection of Kelly Gang armour in Australia to forensic evidence from some of Melbourne's most notorious crimes, the Victoria Police Museum presents visitors with an intriguing insight into the social history of policing and crime.

Our Collection

This collection is housed in the Victoria Police Museum, located in the World Trade Centre on Flinders Street in Melbourne’s CBD. It focuses on three elements: Police Archives, General Policing Equipment, and Crime. The extensive collection includes many items reflecting the social history of policing in Victoria, such as the largest collection of Kelly Gang armour in Australia, early police uniforms, police equipment and weapons, memorabilia relating to shady underworld figures lurking around Melbourne’s streets in the 1920s (including ‘Squizzy’ Taylor), the remains of the car used in the Russell Street headquarters bombing, and the latest forensic technologies. Archival materials include Victoria Police service records dating from 1853, crime scene photographs; official police documents such as criminal files and original evidence from some of Melbourne’s most notorious criminal cases.

This collection documents the history of the Victorian Police Force, and its impact on and contributions to the lives of Victorians and Australians. It also provides insights into the nature of crime, the experiences of police and victims, and to the broader social and political consequences of crime and policing.

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