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The Airways Museum is an aviation museum, but with one difference - there are no aircraft! Instead, the Museum houses a collection of national importance that traces the development of Australia's civil aviation airways system through innovation and technical development from it's beginnings in the 1920s to today. The story is told through artefacts and photographs, and illustrates how Australia has often played a leading role internationally in aviation development.

Our Collection

The Airways Museum collection had its origins in 1973 when it was realised that much airways equipment that had been in service since the War, or before, was being replaced and would soon disappear altogether if not preserved. The purpose of the collection is to preserve for posterity example of airways equipment which were once in common use. In doing so, the significant contribution of Australia over the years to the development of safe and reliable civil aviation is also highlighted. The collection contains a number of Australian innovations and inventions that have led the world, and of which we can be justly proud. Major areas covered in the museum include Air Traffic Services: Tower Control; Approach Control; En-route Control; Aeradio/Flight Service; air/ground & ground/ground communications equipment; radio navigation beacons & radar; airport lighting & visual approach guidance; and flight calibration of navigation aids. Archival holdings are detailed at: CAHS Archives.