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Tatura Irrigation and Wartime Camps Museum

49 Hogan Street TATURA Visit Website

The original four roomed building, c.1888, from which the irrigation scheme for the Western Goulburn Valley was developed, was purchased and restored in 1988. This building now houses local history and information on the history of irrigation. Two brick extensions, totalling 200 sq. metres have since been added to house the Wartime Camps collection, included is a foyer, shop and lecture room come art gallery complete with video viewing facilities.

Our Collection

Photographs, art and craft work, records, recollections and other archival material recovered from the former Prisoners of War and Internees in the Tatura Area during WW2, many of whom remained in Australia after their release. These include the collection of 54 works of Leonhard Adam completed over a 50 year period and donated by his daughter Mary-Clare Murvitz of Israel and a collection of war time sketches by Georg Rosenkranz. We have many artefacts and documents relating to the HSK Kormoran and HMAS Sydney as the Kormoran survivors were prisoners of war in Tatura. Books, records, maps, photographs and information on the history of Irrigation in Victoria's Goulburn Valley. Books, photographs, memorabilia, maps and recollections regarding the Local History of Tatura and District including major industries and local families.

Much of the collection has originated from activities of prisoners from within the camps, and so it is unique and irreplaceable. Many of the internees brought to these camps from overseas countries were intellectuals, academically well qualified in their professions and some were gifted sports persons or in their trade. Many of these people chose to remain in Australia and have added immensely to the education and culture of this country. Their stories, most involving escape from Nazism, are inspirational. The story of the development of Irrigation in the Western Goulburn Valley is the story of the first irrigation scheme in Victoria, and lead to the creation of the State Rivers and Water Supply Commission, and its involvement in Irrigation.

Leonhard Adam collection of artworksRosenkranz collection of artworks

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