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National Wool Museum

26 Moorabool Street Geelong Phone: 03 5272 4734 Visit Website

The National Wool Museum experience is more than just wool. It is a cultural hub in Victoria's second largest city. A vibrant gathering place between the historic waterfront and central Geelong. The Museum is a place to collect, share and create stories of our community and region. here history, science, fashion, handcraft and art come together. Temporary exhibitions and programs combine lifelong learning, hand-on exploration and entertainment for people of all ages.

Our Collection

The collection of the National Wool Museum contains a range of material relating to the people involved in all aspects of the wool industry since the 1830s. The collection is people-oriented, containing items and records documenting their lives within the industry, from the farm to the factory, as well as the range of products made from wool. The collection contains significant documents, images and objects relating to the history of Geelong and rural Victoria, punctuated by significant wool-related items from other states.. The oldest known item in the collection dates to 1810. The collection consists of approximately 7,000 objects, and includes textiles, paper-based items, objects, paintings, photographs and large pieces of machinery.

The National Wool Museum Collection is a nationally significant collection, unique in Australia and of high local significance. It demonstrates the development, and importance, of wool and the wool industry in Australia generally and in Geelong specifically. The collection is particularly significant because of the way in which it can demonstrate the importance of wool, and the effect wool had and has, on the economic and social development of Australia. Australia's growth as a nation has been significantly enhanced through the development and use of wool and the National Wool Museum's collection of wool, wool by-products and related equipment and machinery is a testament to this fact.

Zakrewski Spinning Wheels Collection

Robert Zakrewski collection of spinning wheels. After migrating to Australia from Poland after the Second World War he married renowned artist Sonya Carrington for whom he designed and made a spinning wheel, called the Carrington Wheel, of which he ended up making over 400 over 30 years. He also collected spinning wheels from all over the world, including spinning wheels from Poland, Australia, India, Afghanistan, Tibet, Thailand, Ireland, Turkey, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Yugoslavia, Denmark, Tibet, England and France.

History of Wool Photographic Display

Squatter Game Collection

Guthrie Collection

Running Stitch Quilt Collection

Large Machinery Collection

Pettitt Collection

Woolmark Olympic Uniforms

Muratroyd Collection

Kidman Collection