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National Alpine Museum of Australia

Level 1 Alpine Central Mount Buller Phone: 0418976338 Visit Website

Discover the stories of Australia’s skiing pioneers, Mountain Cattlemen, Winter Olympic Champions, Gold Miners, the everyday High Country explorers and many more.

At the National Alpine Museum of Australia we collect, preserve, research, interpret and present the natural and cultural heritage of Australia’s alpine regions.

We are an educational, creative and recreational resource for Australian alpine communities and all those interested in Australia’s mountains.

Our Collection

The National Alpine Museum of Australia collection's encompasses the cultural and environmental heritage of Australia's Alpine regions. The collection covers the period from the late 19th century through to the present. It contains over 15,000 items and includes textiles, images and film, documentary and archival material, numismatics, artworks and three dimensional objects.

The collection of the National Alpine Museum of Australia provides a broad overview of the cultural and environmental heritage of Australia's Alpine regions and Australian winter sports. Australia's alpine environment is unique and covers just 0.15% of the continent. The history of Australia's Alps reflects many of the processes that have shaped the modern nation, including migration, globalisation and tourism. This history also illustrates the ways in which the movement of people, ideas and technology have had an impact on ourselves and our understanding of the landscape. The collections held by the National Alpine Museum of Australia reveal these broad themes across both summer and winter, from European settlement to the present. The stories of Australian winter sports are also revealed through the collections, which are rarely told outside of Olympic successes despite a history of participation and competition dating back to the mid-19th century.


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