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Medical Museum Hamilton Base Hospital

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The Medical Museum at the Hamilton Base Hospital is one of the largest medical collections held in a hospital in Australia that is dedicated to a specific geographical district and covers Medicine, Surgery, Nursing, Pathology, Pharmacy and Radiography. The archive contains a vast collection of relevant books, papers and photographs. For this we must thank former Hamilton surgeon, the late Mr Alistair Matheson, whose foresight saved much of the material that was destined to be destroyed in an era when past history was not valued. Mr Matheson gathered suitable items together for a small display and from this early beginning, the collection has constantly been built upon as new pieces are discovered or are given to the museum by members of the public. About twenty five years ago, Mr Matheson passed on his role to Dr Elizabeth Arthur, who was a member of the AMA Medical History Unit and who had written extensively on the early medical history of the Western District. She is currently undertaking the mammoth task of catalogueing the entire collection. In addition to the public displays, a special selection of rare books, photographs, hospital plans and surgical instruments is available for viewing by appointment. The museum archives are a great historical resource especially for research and for those seeking general hospital information or specific data about forebears who had lived in the district.