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Maroondah Art Gallery

32 Greenwood Ave RINGWOOD Phone: (03) 9298 4545 Visit Website

Located within the Cultural Centre, the constantly changing exhibitions feature both historical and contemporary artworks whilst showcasing art forms of local, national and international significance.

The exhibition program includes a wide range of media and a diverse array of works that may not otherwise venture outside of the central Melbourne arts precinct.

Maroondah Art Gallery aims to attract artists and artworks that encourage innovation, and to develop projects that deal with relevant contemporary arts and cultural issues.

Our Collection

This collection is housed and exhibited in the Maroondah Art Gallery, one of Victoria’s newest public art galleries, established in 2001 as part of the Maroondah Federation Estate. The collection contains a wide range of works by Australian artists from colonial times to the present, including a number of paintings by artists working in the region, many of whom had recorded images of local landmarks and scenes. Works reflect the region’s long-standing involvement in the visual arts, especially in respect to painting in all mediums. Amongst numerous landscape paintings can be found works such as the earliest and most important historical piece in the collection, Their Little Home, 1894, by former Maroondah resident J A Turner (1850 – 1908); W Unsworth’s Antimony Mine, 1912, featuring the mineshaft’s distinctive A-frame tower; Alexander McClintock’s Sunlight and shade, 1920; works by unofficial World War II artist Norma Bull (1906-1980); botanical illustrations of the locality’s distinctive native flora by Ruth L Jackson; Paul Laspagis’ work Tree on Naturestrip, 2006, inspired by the area’s leafy neighbourhood streets; three paintings by Cherry Hood, a winner of the prestigious Archibald Prize for portraiture, from her Alice series; Martin King’s First Rain II, 2003; works on paper by the Polish born artist Yosl Bergner; and works by other artists such as Tony Scott, John Marshall, and Mitch Lang. The collection also includes works by Indigenous artists and a growing number of contemporary painters. Collection development occurs through acquisitions, donations and the R & M McGivern Art Prize, a $10,000 acquisitive award encouraging painting in all mediums.

This collection emphasises works that focus on the Maroondah region’s history and also on works that reflect the development of contemporary art in Australia. It is a key resource for cultural activities in Maroondah region.