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Our Collection

The Collection consists of artefacts and records of historical and cultural significance to the Maldon district or its residents. Items in the collection have been donated over many years by local people and organisations, and by descendants of the early settlers and miners. The material spans from prehistoric eras (for geological specimens) to the present day. The Collection is housed in the heritage listed former Maldon Market House building c.1859 (VHR H1390|places:h1390:1) situated in the Maldon Gardens. This building was converted to the Maldon Shire Hall and Offices in 1865 and was occupied as same until 1964. The semi-circular Council meeting table and oak swivel chairs remain on view. The Collection is local and social history oriented. Our permanent exhibition includes the processional banner of the Amalgamated Miners’ Association of Australasia, Maldon Branch. Made in 1888 this banner is a rare surviving example of its kind and is unusual for its theme of reconciliation: Contention & Strife Declined: Labour & Capital Reconciled to Ensure National Prosperity, Let this Motto adopted be. Our Timeline exhibition uses interpreted artefacts from the district to tell the stories of the region’s earliest occupants, the Dja Dja Wurrung people, the European pastoralists and the people from many nations who came to call Maldon home as gold-mining flourished and the town developed from the late 1850s. More recent material includes the story of Maldon’s classification by the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) and the subsequent work done to preserve its architectural and mining heritage. Newspapers, microfilm, official records, and photographs provide a detailed record of European settlement over the past 160 or more years. The Association has also researched several hundred local family histories and has around 36,000 names in the family history index.

The collection has not been formally assessed for significance however several items, including the Amalgamated Miners’ Association of Australasia, Maldon Branch banner, 1888 and several artworks, have been identified for further formal assessment.