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The Jewish Museum of Australia is a national institution dedicated to the conservation, preservaton and exhibition of Jewish heritage, arts, customs and religious practice in all its diversity. The permanent exhibitions are "A Timeline of Jewish History", "Australian Jewish History", "The Jewish Year" and "Belief and Ritual". The temporary gallery features a dynamic schedule of changing exhibitions. All exhibitions are accompanied by public lectures and school education programs.

Our Collection

This collection is housed in the Jewish Museum of Australia in St Kilda. The collection is maintained as a resource to explore and share the Jewish experience in Australia, as well as being of benefit to and reflective of Australia's diverse society. It documents many aspects of Australian Jewish life beginning with the arrival of Jews with the First Fleet. The collection represents the major episodes of migration and settlement of Jews in Australia, exploring their pre and post migration experiences. Special focuses include: ? Ritual Judaica, including historical and contemporary objects that relate to festivals, life cycle events and daily life in different eras and parts of the world, including Australia; ?Historical Judaica, especially Australian Historical Judaica photographs, organisational and personal papers and records that document and explain Jewish religious, cultural and social movements,, communities, places, migration and settlement ?Personal Holocaust history in the context of a larger personal history; ? Personal and Family History letters, photographs, illustrations, diaries, scrapbooks, clothing, domestic objects; and ?Business and occupational history records, stationery, advertising, product samples and photographs where a business has been initiated and/or owned by Jewish people and had a broader social or business impact e.g. Flinders Lane Archival materials in the collection include over 12,000 catalogued items, as well as ?to be catalogued? items, some of which are large personal and/or professional archives. Many of the larger personal archives include pre-migration heritage.

This collection documents the experience of Jews in Australia and their contributions to Australian society. It records many aspects of their life before, during and after migrating, with special emphasis on the various social, communal and religious issues that confronted the emerging Eastern European immigrant Jewish community over the two decades of 1930s-1950s ? the war and the immediate post-war years ? and the community?s responses to those issues.

HMT Dunera and Internment Collection, The Jews in Shanghai Prior to and During World War II Collection, Personal Family Archives Documenting Life in Europe and the Migration and Settlement Processes, Kalman Katz Coin Collection, The Archives of Rabbi J L