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This collection, owned by the Hawthorn Football Club, is housed in the Hawks Museum, Waverly Park, Mount Waverly, a former Club home ground. The collection is used by the Club to tell the story of the people that have made the Hawthorn Football Club one of the most successful club in the last 50 years, 10 Premierships, 4 Brownlow medals, 5 Norm Smith medals and arguably the two best full forwards in the history of the game. The collection includes an extensive range of Club memorabilia: portraits of Club Legends John Kennedy Snr, Leigh Matthews, Graham Arthur, Michael Tuck, Peter Hudson and David Parkin, Premiership trophies, one of the largest Guernsey collection in the AFL, photographs of teams, players, officials and supporters, an old rubdown table from 1925 used by trainers, and many stories of key moments in the Club?s history.

The collection documents the story of one of the most successful Australian Rules Football Clubs in the games history. It also provides insights into the impact of Australian Rules Football on Melbourne, Victoria and Australia

Dr Ferguson, John Kennedy Snr and Guernsey Collections

Dr Ferguson Club President and Doctor, Scrap Books and memorabilia collected 1950-2008 and oral history; John Kennedy clothing, boots, trophies and oral history; One of the most significant collection of Guernseys in the AFL

Dr Ferguson one of the key drivers behind the Clubs first premiership and creating the Club's ethos. John Kennedy Snr first as player then coach led the motivation for the Clubs first 3 premierships setting the foundation for the Club's future success.

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