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The Collection was founded in 1994, based on the range of artworks and cultural artefacts that the City of Yarra inherited when the municipalities of Collingwood, Richmond and Fitzroy amalgamated. The Collection is a unique document of the history and people of Yarra and is divided into two main categories, the Indoor Collection and the Outdoor Collection The Indoor Collection comprises art, objects and ephemera both unique and significant to the history of the municipality. The Outdoor Collection includes sculptures, murals, memorials, monuments sculptural landscapes, mosaics and multimedia installations.

This is a historically significant collection. Much of the material depict the faces of people who shaped Melbourne?s oldest suburbs during their first decades. There are many individual items with local, state and national significance. The memorabilia collection best illustrates the development of the municipality with material such as maps, plans an civic objects such as robes, chains and honour boards. The collection contains works by emerging and established contemporary artists.

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