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Our Collection

The Whitehorse Art Collection comprises works by significant artists of the nineteenth and early twentieth century; and contemporary works by living artists completed in a variety of media including paintings, photographs and original prints, ceramics and textiles. It also includes commissioned site-specific sculptures.

The Whitehorse Art Collection is of historical significance as it comprises a core of works created in the late nineteenth century. Painted ?en plein air?, some of these Australian Impressionist works were created at the Box Hill Artists? Camp (1885-88). Development of this aspect of the collection is a long-term goal of the Visual Arts Committee who advise on the conservation, development and management of the Collection. The ?en plein air? tradition continues with the purchase of contemporary works by practising local or Victorian artists. The Whitehorse Art Collection and Programs Unit is committed to supporting and developing local art, with a yearly calendar of exhibitions at the Whitehorse Artspace, Box Hill Town Hall.

Works on Paper

There are just over 500 works on paper in the Whitehorse Art Collection. Of particular note are the following folios: Architecture of Whitehorse: The John Gollings Commission, 2001 (32 digital images) A Week in the Life of Whitehorse Commission: Images by June Orford and Francis Reiss, 2004 (24 digital images) The 100 x 100 Folio, 1988, (100 prints) The Banksias Vol III: Botanical images by Celia Rosser, 2000 (28 plates) TRACES, a folio of prints from the Canberra School of Art, 1982-3, donated by Harold Farey in 2005 (numbering 14 prints)

Ceramics Collection

Ceramics in the Whitehorse Art Collection number over 400 and includes the Ceramics Victoria Collection which has been on a 25 year loan to the City of Whitehorse since 2004. The Collection currently numbers 257 items and the group are based in Whitehorse at the Box Hill Community Art Centre.

JS Gawler Donation

In 1952 the architect Cr JS Gawler, on his retirement from Council, donated two paintings by E Phillips Fox to the Whitehorse Art Collection. Phillips Fox, as a student at the National Gallery School had joined Tom Roberts, Fred McCubbin and others on weekend sketching tours from 1885, the same year they established the camp at Box Hill. These works ? The harvest field, 1905, and Autumn evening, 1899 - are regularly loaned to institutions for major exhibitions and in the last five years have been displayed at the National Gallery of Victoria, The Queensland Art Gallery, Manningham Art Gallery and the Whitehorse Artspace.

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