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Churchill Island

Phillip Island Tourist Road NEWHAVEN

Churchill Island is a State Park and Sanctuary which features historic buildings, artefacts and an Agricultural Museum. The historic buildings date from 1866. The Agricultural Museum houses a unique collection of farm engines, machinery, tools and implements. Dairy equipment is displayed in the main homestead. Other features include historic garden surrounds, shoreline walking tracks and 400 year old moonah trees.

Our Collection

This collection forms the basis for the operations of Churchill Island Heritage Farm, which is located on Churchill Island, where in 1801, during a survey of Western Port Bay, Lieutenant James Grant built a cottage, cleared land and planted the first wheat and corn crops grown in Victoria, using seeds provided by John Churchill. The working farm features a homestead, built by Samuel Amess, a one-time mayor of Melbourne who purchased the island in 1872, together with associated cottages and outbuildings. As well as the heritage buildings, the collection includes agricultural machinery, implements, and tools, special collections of farm engines and dairy equipment, and historical photographs. The collection is managed by Churchill Island Heritage Farm curator.

This collection documents early Victorian rural life and agriculture, and the history of the site where crops were first grown in Victoria in 1801; includes also information on the various owners of the island and Government ownership from 1970s.

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