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Chiltern Athenaeum

57 Conness Street CHILTERN Phone: (03) 57261280 Visit Website

Chiltern and District Museum is an historic building built in 1866 which includes district records; shire, cemetery, town and district and library of books dating to 17th Century.

Our Collection

A vast collection of items, photographs, and records documenting the history of the Chiltern district and it's people, from the mid 1800s to the present. Items relating to the gold rushes of the 1850s, evolution of the Chiltern township, notable citizens and the people of Chiltern, war service, cemetery records and family histories.

Chiltern Athenaeum Library Collection

5000 library books from 1859 to 1970 retained in the Chiltern Athenaeum Museum after the library was relocated.

Sir John McEwen Collection bequeathed by his wife