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Australian Council for Educational Research

19 Prospect Hill Road Camberwell Phone: (03) 9277 5555

The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) is one of the world?s leading education research organisations. ACER's mission is to create and promote knowledge and tools that can be used to improve learning across the lifespan. Underlying this mission is our belief in the importance of ongoing, lifelong learning both for the fulfilment of individuals and for the well-being of society, and our commitment to the use of systematic investigation, evaluation and critical reflection in the search for ways to improve learning.

ACER was established in 1930 with a grant from the Carnegie Corporation, a US organisation created in 1911 to promote 'the advancement and diffusion of knowledge and understanding'. Today ACER has more than 300 staff in total with most working out of our Camberwell offices in suburban Melbourne. ACER also has offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and overseas in Dubai and New Delhi.