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Alfred Hospital Nurses League-Nursing Archives

Old Monash Medical School Building, Ground Floor Alfred Hospital Prahran Phone: 0439 337 101 or office 03 9076 3540 Visit Website

The Alfred Hospital Nurses League-Nursing Archives was developed through the compilation of nursing reminiscences, collection of items, documents, stories and research since 1990. It is the only independent, self governing, not- for -profit, membership based nursing archives in Victoria. It comprises past and present nurses and their mission is to ensure that nursing heritage is valued, sustained, communicated and enriched through the preservation and conservation of the collection. We offer our members nurse reunion tours of the hospital and an annual reunion dinner.

Our Collection

Nursing Archives seeks to collect and preserve material that relates to and provides evidence for the education of nurses, nursing practice, the careers of Alfred nurses, their contribution to the community, the changing dynamics of the provision of health care on the development of nursing and the preparation of nurses at the Alfred Hospital since 1870.The types of items are record books of nurses training from 1880 ,photos, written and recorded memories, letters, pamphlets,speeches, invitations, nurse work books, diaries uniforms, medals both hospital and war and hospital equipment.

The Alfred Hospital Nurses League Nursing Archives is significant as it holds evidence of the high standard of nurse training since 1880. Evidence of nurse practice and changes over the decades in the hospital and the community. A source of information on social and cultural roles of women, their work and health care environments. The collection can offer research on the many themes we have identified. War nurses, prominent Alfred nurses, costumes, environments, nursing history and key clinical areas in the hospital.