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Alexandra Timber Tramway & Museum

17 Station Street Alexandra Phone: 0427 509 988 Visit Website

This indoor and outdoor museum presents the technical, social, economic and ecological history of the timber industry in the Rubicon Forest from the period 1900-1950. This is shown through a working Timber Tramway, a display of logging technology, models of sawmills and associated buildings, photographic displays and a proposed working steam sawmill.

The Alexandra Timber Tramway incorporated as a not-for-profit association in December 1985. Our volunteers started with one operational locomotive, a short section of track, and the run-down station buildings at Alexandra. Since then, we have progressed to eight operational locomotives, one kilometre of track and a refurbished station building. Additional facilities include a locomotive depot, a carriage storage facility, a fully fitted-out mechanical workshop, and new toilet and picnic facilities. While there is much to see at the Alexandra Timber Tramway for the railway enthusiast, the ATT is primarily aimed at families and tour groups wanting a fun day out for themselves and their children. Everyone will find much of interest in our three display rooms and our numerous outdoor exhibits including replica timber workers huts from the Rubicon Valley.

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