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Who was Madame Errazuriz?

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Madame Errazuriz by Sir William Orpen, 1915. Collection: Mildura Art Centre

Our story on The Elliot Collection by the Mildura Arts Centre has recently gained some international attention, with the identity of the subject in the painting Madame Errazuriz being thrown into question.

We received feedback from a Chilean art collector and relative of Madame Errazuriz who said that the lady in the painting was in fact Maria Edwards and not Eugenia Huici, though both women were known as Madame Errazuriz. We passed the feedback onto the Mildura Arts Centre, and the collector has since provided evidence to the gallery to back up his claim.


As the painting is a significant artwork in the Mildura Arts Centre permanent collection, they are now looking to formally adopt the amendment to its records regarding the identity of the woman in the portrait. Madame Errazuriz 1915, by Sir William Orpen is on display at Mildura Arts Centre until 10 August 2014 as part of The Case for Modern Painting exhibition.


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