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Journeys end (for now)

By News Team Posted Under Burke and Wills
Jonathon King at the Gulf of Carpentaria
Jonathon King at the Gulf of Carpentaria


The Burke and Wills Environtmental Expedition has completed the first stage of its journey, arriving at Karumba in the Gulf Country of Queensland. They visited the location where Burke, Wills and their two companions turned back to head south - due to thick mud and mangroves the 1860 expeditioners did not quite reach the open water of the Gulf of Carpentaria.


The exceptionally heavy rains and flooded roads in the inland has meant that the Environmental Expedition has postponed one leg of the trip. In April 2011, they'll return to visit locations between the Dig Tree at Coopers Creek and the Selwyn Ranges, near Cloncurry.


There are still a lot of videos to be uploaded from the areas they've travelled (including ones about crocodiles and dinosaurs!) though, so our story has not quite finished... We'll let you know here when they are published.

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