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Heading North

By News Team Posted Under Burke and Wills

After their time at Coopers Creek, the BWEE  is now starting North again.  They are battling the rains and wet conditions, but Michael Dillon reports that they have arrived in the town of Eromanga in Far Western Queensland (North East of the Dig Tree).


With the current rains, they were lucky to make it to Eromanga (population 171). They were among the last vehicles to make it through, three hours after they set out, the road from Coopers Creek was closed to traffic behind them.  Allowing for the rains, they will next make their way to Birdsville, by whatever roads that are open.


The team has also sent us a video from Mutawintji National Park in Western New South Wales.  In their video Becker's Mutawintji Les and Jonathan locate the exact spot in Mutawintji Gorge where Ludwig Becker completed his pencil sketch Reservoir in Mootwanji Ranges It is interesting to compare the pencil sketch with the colour footage of this important permanent water source.




Mutawintji Gorge
Les Sprague and Jonathan King at Mutawintji Gorge




Reservoir in Mootwanji Ranges
"Reservoir in Mootwanji Ranges" by Ludwig Becker
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