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All Together Now!

By Susan Mathews Posted Under Wangaratta Textile Project

Well, after yesterday's warts and all expose I'm trying to claw back some credibility by showing you how it has all come together.


All four panels comw together.


Today I joined up the fourth panel and decided that another warp roll end was needed to break the strong diagonal line that the shapes were forming. I made a half warp roll end shape and trialled it as per the photo below by pinning it in place. When I printed the pattern for the extra warp roll end I also printed extra lines extending out of the top right hand panel. These were basically the lines I had removed during the transplant processes but placed where I had intended them to be as per my original design. These lines served to connect the design and break up the four panel effect and I think they work well. It was quite daunting cutting the hole for the half warp roll end placement as the piece was looking so finished. Nevertheless, the operation was successful (I think) and I'm glad that I did it.


Extra warp roll end shape trialled.


After blending in my new addition I squared the piece cutting it to size and then spent some time finishing the edges with more stitching.


Tomorrow I will layer the piece with batting and a backing of black felt and quilt  the dark printed lines.

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