Swift Parrot habitat paintings competition

This range of paintings shows that there are many different ways to paint a picture, and many different parts of the Australian bush to paint. Make your own painting of the bush and fill it with birds you would see in the woodlands.

There are lots of bird pictures in this website to help you, such as the Swift Parrot look-alikes and Birds that share the Woodlands pages.

Enter your birdy art in the competition. Winners will be published on this website and you will also go in the running for great prizes! Check out the ART EXTRAVAGANZA page for details on how to enter.

All but the very first painting in this section are found in the National Gallery of Victoria Collection and they all depict scenes from woodlands in Victoria and New South Wales where Swift Parrots are found.

Many of these sites, or nearby landscapes, provide bush or "woodland" habitats that are suitable for Swift Parrots or other woodland birds to live.

Further Information

Gum tree full of birds
Image by Julian Chappel

This painting was created by Melbourne based artist Julian Chappel. He has filled his tree with more than just woodland birds! Julian also stars in the video Professor Featherbone presents - The Greatest Threat to Birds. Check him out!


Swift Parrot habitat paintings competition


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