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This stop animation is only 50 digital images long.

Make your own stop animation to tell a story about birds using objects you make or find. You could show something special about a particular bird, or make something up like "how the birds and the bugs get along" or "what happens to a beach nesting bird after dark."

This activity is best done with a friend so that one person can hold the camera whilst the other moves the objects a tiny bit at a time. It's easy and fun, and you can make something much better than this simple example!

If you know how to turn your images into a running animation by placing them all on the time line of any film software, then do that and send your .mov file to The Wing Thing.

Check out the Animation Tips page for ideas on how to get started. There is also a sample story-board for you to download from the Animation Tips page and other handy links for creating moving images.

Enter your birdy art in the competition. Winners will be published on this website and you will also go in the running for great prizes so check out the ART EXTRAVAGANZA page for details on how to enter.

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For another example of how simple making stop animations can be click HERE


Stop animation photography competition
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