Does a Hoodie parent really make drawings of monsters in the sand to scare away birds of prey? Do Hoodie chicks really eat worms that have been sitting in front of a cosy fire place beneath the sand?

Several schools in Victoria entered the 2011 ART EXTRAVAGANZA. They made their own comic strips about Hooded Plovers or other birds, which you can also see above.

Draw your own comic strip based on what Hoodies do to survive. You can stick to the facts or use your imagination. To help you create your comic check out all the information in this story like the interactive animation and the text pages such as Hoodie facts.

You can find a basic comic strip template for printing out HERE.

If you or your class would like to enter the 2012 bird art competition check out the ART EXTRAVAGANZA page for details on how to enter.

Further Information

This comic strip was created by Melbourne based artist and illustrator Jennifer Tyers.


The Hooded Plover Comic strip competition


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Jennifer Tyers

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