The first 5 paintings in this section are found in the National Gallery of Victoria Collection and they all depict scenes from Victoria’s coastline. Many of these sites, or nearby landscapes, provide coastal habitats that are suitable for Hooded Plovers or other beach-nesting birds to live.

The paintings above show that there are many different ways to paint a picture, and many different parts of our spectacular coast to paint.

Several schools in Victoria entered the 2011 ART EXTRAVAGANZA. They made their own paintings of the beach and filled them with Hooded Plover sightings, which you can also see above.

Paint your own master piece! Choose a beach scene and place in it any of the birds you see on this web site. Your painting could have messages about the Hooded Plover or just show beach birds in general.

If you or your class would like to enter the 2012 bird art competition check out the ART EXTRAVAGANZA page for details on how to enter.

Further Information

Mornington 1968
Australian 1927-1982, worked in England 1951–56
Gouache, 76.2 x 57.2 cm (image and sheet)
Purchased through The Art Foundation of Victoria with the assistance of the H. J. Heinz II Charitable and Family Trust, Governor, and the Utah Foundation, Fellow, 1980

The sandy beaches of the Mornington Peninsula are home to 30 pairs of Hooded Plovers. They peck at the wet sand, pulling juicy sand worms from their burrows, or eat tiny crabs and whatever other small creatures the waves have washed onto the beach. They make their nests in the dry sand, higher up the beach, often next to a piece of driftwood or a clump of washed-up seaweed.


Hooded Plover habitat paintings competition


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