The Wing Thing: Beach Birds

See the beach in a whole new Hoodie kind of way!

Hooded Plovers live on ocean beaches and where creeks and rivers run into the sea. These small creatures are great actors and very brave - tactics that have helped them survive through thousands of years. But Hoodies are having a hard time at the moment as our beaches have become increasingly crowded.

In The Wing Thing: Beach Birds learn about Hoodies and some of their amazing behaviors (did you know that adult Hoodies will lead predators, including birds of prey, dogs, and foxes, away from their young by pretending to have a broken wing?), other beach birds, and how you can look out for them.

And... take part in the ART EXTRAVAGANZA competition: create a comic, poster, animation or short film and be in the running for great birdy prizes!


We have a range of Hoodie Education Resources developed by The Gould League for Year Levels 3-8.

Other sites we recommend for bird watching and conservation are Museum Victoria's Discovery sheets and Birds in Backyards