Boorun the Pelican



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Borun and Tuck
Told by RONALD EDWARDS Gunnai/Kurnai

The first Gunnai/Kurnai came from the mountains in the north-west, carrying his canoe. He was Borun, the pelican. He walked to Tarra Warackel (Port Albert) in the west. As he walked he heard constant tapping sounds, but couldn’t identify them. When he reached the water inlets, Borun put down his canoe and much to his surprise there was a woman in it. She was Tuck, a musk duck. He was very happy to see her and she became his wife and Mother of the Gunnai/Kurnai people.


Richard Mullet
Gunnai. 1962-2006

Boorun the Pelican
Paint, canvas
38 x 45 cm
Koorie Heritage Trust AH2279


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