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The beautiful stained glass windows were installed in the ground floor of St Michael's Church in 1988 by respected Australian artist Klaus Zimmer. This magnificent panorama of colour and story that will be an evocative adornment in St Michael's for generations.

The 19 windows around the Church each tell of a person's journey and the journey of humanity. From the experience of aloneness, alienation and questioning, they move along several pathways to the symbolic gateway of the New Jerusalem. Each window has an inscription as its foot, and combined with biblical references closely follows the poem Streams of Consciousness. The vertical blue line in each window represents the Life Force in everything, while the horizontal red line represents God's Love that embraces the whole of the creation.

The Boat (pictured) is part of a trilogy of windows within the series that represents the turbulence and hope of our journey. The other two windows in the trilogy are entitled Dreadnought and The Anchor.

Further Information

The inscription on the above window reads: "In this boat of fragile life, on uncertain seas, ambient intermittent darkness we strain to see through the winds of the storm."
- John 6:16-21,26


Klaus Zimmer
The Boat, 1988
From the 'Streams Of Consciousness' Bicentennial Windows
In the collection of St Michael's Uniting Church
Image credit: St Michael's Uniting Church


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