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Based in Adelaide, Gerry Wedd is a ceramacist reknowned for his wheel thrown, slip and cobalt decorated ceramics. Cheers is an excellent recent example of this and the work was acquired by Northcote Pottery Supplies through their annual Ceramic Art Award.

Northcote Pottery Supplies is in the early stages of developing a collection of contemporary Australian ceramics through its exhibition space, Pan Gallery. Established since the relocation of the business to Brunswick East, the collection reflects this new beginning with works created from 2008.

Emerging, mid career and established artists are represented in both functional and sculptural fields. Artworks are sought through various means with a strong acquisitive focus on those exhibited in Pan Gallery. The collection aims to highlight innovation as well as creative and technical merit in Australian ceramics.


Gerry Wedd
Cheers, 2010
Cool ice porcelain
In the collection of Northcote Pottery Supplies
Image credit: courtesy of the artist


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