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Port Albert Maritime Museum

Tarraville Road PORT ALBERT Phone: (03) 5183 2520 Visit Website

Set in the historic seaside town of Port Albert established in 1841 the Gippsland Regional Maritime Museum is housed in the former Bank of Victoria built in 1862 to receive gold from Gippsland's goldfields. From the moment you step inside the museum you will appreciate the excellent exhibits on display. Some give vivid insights into the early history of Port Albert as the gateway to Gippsland, an important port for the squatting era and for supporting the gold rushes of the 1850s and 60s. Others trace the ongoing history of the area where fishing in Bass Strait and the infrastructure that supported it was paramount. We are family friendly with items of interest for all ages and several interactive push-button displays to ensure a visit is memorable.

Our Collection

The collection housed in the original 1861 Second Bank of Victoria building documents the role of Port Albert as the first port of entry for Gippsland from 1841. It encompasses the importance of Port Albert to early Gippsland farmers, fishermen and gold seekers as well as Bass Strait lighthouse families and coastal traders. The items in the collection include artefacts, maps, photographs, paintings, and documents housed in modern archives.

As one of the pre gold rush Victorian ports, Port Albert was a significant gateway port and its stories document the history of the development of Gippsland . The collection has local and regional significance but as well there is also global significance in the Omega navigation material.

Bryan Edwards Marine Archaeology Collection, Omega Navigation.

Shipwreck relics collected by a local diver, Instrumentation items and technical files from the Woodside Omega station.

The shipwreck items are from several significant Gippsland wrecks. The Omega base was the Australian site for this global navigation facility.

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