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Grainger Museum University of Melbourne

Royal Parade, PARKVILLE
Phone: (03) 8344 5270
Grainger Museum University of Melbourne Website

About the organisation

The Grainger Museum was established in the 1930s by the prominent Australian-born composer, pianist, folklorist, educator and collector Percy Aldridge Grainger (1882-1961). Grainger was a prolific composer and a virtuoso pianist with an international reputation. He was also an important figure in the preservation and arrangement of English folk song. In the United States, where he lived most of his life, he is highly regarded as a music educator, composer and arranger of band music. He also had an extraordinary facility for languages, a strong talent for design and an innovative approach to museology. The evidence of his creative life - his thoughts, compositions, recordings, archive and eclectic collection of artifacts - forms the core of the Grainger Museum Collection.
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