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Bennetts Mineral and Fossil Collection

145 Verney Road, SHEPPARTON

About the organisation

Glass display cabinets house one collection of hand-sized mineral specimens and five more extensive collections are displayed thematically. A small collection, thematic by Australian State. There is also a micro-mount collection of minerals; and a special section on Dookie and Cosgrove minerals. The fossil collection includes many specials: 2190,000,000 Stromatolites; South Australian Archaeocytha, Eocene Horse skull, cast of Archaeopteryx, bones and teeth of Diprotodon among the 2 000 or so fossils, mostly Australian. There are 5000 to 6000 mineral specimens. The mineral collection is organised to represent Dana Classification using at least 90% Australian specimens; with labels including chemical composition. Also the thematic collections include: Indian Zeolites and associated minerals, Australian Zeolites, plus; Gypsum, Quartz, Crystalline and Quartz, Non-crystalline.
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