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Alfred Archives

Alfred Annex, Commercial Road, PRAHRAN
Phone: (03) 9076 2022
Alfred Archives Website

About the organisation

The Alfred Archives is the home of the Alfred hospital’s collection of unique and culturally valuable items. The Archives contain records, memorabilia and photographs dating back to the formation of "The New Hospital Committee" in 1868 which was the antecedent to The Royal Prince Alfred Hospital that opened on 11 March 1871. The collection represents an invaluable cultural asset to the State of Victoria and the Hospital as it portrays the evolution of hospital life and health care provision in Melbourne since the later half of the 19th Century. The Alfred Archives was established in 1995 as a centre for the protection of the Hospital’s heritage collection and for historical research. The role of the Archives is to protect items of ongoing evidential and cultural value and to communicate the history of the Hospital through its heritage activities.
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